PhotoKit Color

PhotoKit Color 2.2.2

Refine the colors in your Photoshop images


  • Color sets are pre-configured for you
  • Instantly makes skies bluer or skin colors smoother


  • Doesn't allow manual refinement
  • Only works with Photoshop


Getting the color contrasts just right in your pictures can make an amazing difference to the quality and appeal of your photos.

The Before and After examples on the Pixel Genius website illustrate the difference these subtle changes can make, although naturally, the examples they've used are probably rather exaggerated ones. PhotoKit Color works as an extension to Photoshop to adjust everything associated with the color of your images and optimize the way they look. This covers everything from color adjustments to adjusting color combinations, and many other tweaks and changes.

The PhotoKit Color plug-in works by adding a series of layers - similar to filters - that balance the colors in your image. However, each 'Color Set' offers different effects depending on which one you select, whether it be RSA Grey Balance, RSA Neutralize, etc. The advantage of these sets is that everything is pre-configured and all you have to do is select the set which improves your image the most. The disadvantage for professionals is that you can't refine the effects manually. Probably the most useful effect of PhotoKit Color is the ability to make skin tones darker or lighter and a 'Blue Enhance' color set which will give you pure blue skies and enhance the cloud contrast.

If you're a Photoshop user and have had an experience where the colors in your image aren't quite right, you might be surprised at the improvements PhotoKit Color can bring.

PhotoKit Color


PhotoKit Color 2.2.2

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